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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Clarity of Mission and Vision Statements

Dan Bobinski, President and CEO of Leadership Development, Inc. has published a piece over at Management-Issues, titled "How a clear vision and mission leads to more profits."

In the article, he explains his view on differences between the definitions of mission and vision - which are more often than not misunderstood, or "are intermixed, further clouding their practicality."

Our definitions?

  • Explains why an organization exists and what its purpose is. Purpose should be enduring.
  • The focus is on WHY, not HOW.
  • Timeframe - should last for decades.

  • Stimulates and guides strategy formulation over the years.
  • The focus is on what you want your organization to BE, to HAVE, and to DO 10 years
  • Timeframe - should last 10+ years

BOTTOMLINE: "Vision and mission statements create clarity and form a basis for making both strategic and tactical decisions - all of which help a company thrive instead of survive."

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