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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Business Improvement Book With a Lasting Difference


You’ve read Good to Great, Built to Last, E-Myth, 7 Habits, Getting Things Done …and probably many others.

So….why hasn’t your organization’s performance changed?

What’s missing?

Most importantly, why doesn't the change last?

There’s no doubt – business leaders “love” top-selling business books. Take a look at the best-selling lists, and you’ll find the list full of very popular business performance improvement books.

The problem with most best-selling business books is -- while they all seem to have a least a few good ideas -- you only get a temporary “lift” from reading them.

The major frustration business leaders find is that a few weeks or months later – you find yourself doing “the same old things, the same old way.”

So…why don’t these business improvement ideas "stick"?

BOTTOMLINE: Read Six Disciplines for Excellence. The book not only tells you WHAT it takes to achieve lasting excellence, it tells you HOW to get there. It’s focused on EXECUTION, not fads, ideas or more theory.

It summarizes and integrates the best practices of dozens of great business improvement books (including books like Good to Great, Built To Last -- and many others) – and integrates these ideas into a complete strategy-driven execution program that is cyclical, repeatable, and practical.

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