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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Organizational Learning and Sustainable Excellence

The ultimate goal of effective organizational learning, is to change the way people think, perform or act.

Generating new knowledge or information from learning activities is only one step in the organizational change process.

Other steps include:
  • Recognizing the change in behavior that is needed
  • Defining the current state
  • Learning new capabilities and habits
  • Practicing new behavior, learning new habits and adapting
  • Measuring success
  • Reinforcing and rewarding; and making it the norm.

BOTTOMLINE: One of the toughest parts of change is making it stick - making it last. Six Disciplines is the first sustainable strategy-driven execution program - designed specifically for smaller businesses. Six Disciplines enables small businesses to establish core competency in six basic business disciplines related to strategy, planning, organization, execution, measurement and learning. Six Disciplines eliminates the barriers that prevent organizations from effectively executing their strategy, while creating a new culture of effective work habits and focused business processes.

Unlike ineffective alternatives like seminars, consultants and quick fixes, Six Disciplines make these new habits ”stick” by providing practical, integrated technologies to align individual performance, and on-going local coaching to ensure organizational change and personal accountability.

Small businesses using the Six Disciplines program learn how to do things right, how to do the right things, and how to get them done right - year after year. It’s all about learning how to do the right things – right.

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