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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Business Excellence Sustainability Model

To help organizations understand how sustainable their current performance is, Six Disciplines Leadership Centers use the Business Excellence Sustainability Model (BESM).

The rows in this model represent major categories of processes that most businesses need in order to function well. (In this summarized view, they also correspond to the Six Disciplines.)

The columns represent levels of capability within each of these process areas - the levels range from 0 to 5(0=Undefined, 1=Defined, 2=Aligned, 3=Measured, 4=Improvement, 5=Proven).

Even most high-performing organizations will score low on this model, because all too often, their success is based on the heroics of a handful of amazing people. However, such a mode of operation by "star performers" can't lead to the kind of excellence that is sustainable.

BOTTOMLINE: Another challenge is the interdependence between the rows and columns on the BESM. All of these processes are interrelated and you can't get to Level 5 in once process area and be at Level 0 on another. Therefore, progress in mastering one Discipline must be synchronized with progress in another.

For the complete explanation of the BESM, see Six Disciplines for Excellence, pages 48-54.

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