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Monday, October 16, 2006

What Keeps CEOs Up At Night?

Consulting firm Accenture has released its survey of 425 senior executives at the world's largest companies in all major industries and geographies. It’s clear from the results that the war for talent is in high gear.

Top Issues for Senior Executives

1. Attracting and retaining skilled staff - 35%
2. Changing organizational culture and employee attitudes - 33%
3. Acquiring new customers - 32%
4. Developing new processes and products to stay ahead of the competition - 29%
5. Increasing customer loyalty and retention - 29%
6. Managing risk - 29%
7. Improving workforce performance - 28%
8. Increasing shareholder value - 27%
9. Using IT to reduce costs and create value - 27%
10. Being flexible and adaptable to rapidly changing market conditions - 26%

BOTTOMLINE: Regardless of size of company, senior leaders are concentrating on top issues that include (#1 and #7) people performance management, (#2) organizational learning, (#4) business process improvement (#4 and #9) -- all of which are core aspects if the Six Disciplines strategy-driven execution program.

(Thanks to Management Consulting News for the news item...)

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