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Monday, October 23, 2006

Leadership Excellence

Michelle Neujahr, over at Developing Excellence, posts Developing Excellent Leadership in which she observes:

"In order to develop excellence as a leader we must be willing to acknowledge that developing it is not an accomplishment - it's a never-ending process."

I highly recommend that you take a look at Michelle's 20 Things Excellent Leaders Do Consistently:

  1. Read.
  2. Attend workshops.
  3. Join associations.
  4. Take time off.
  5. Network.
  6. Believe.
  7. Look at the big picture.
  8. Goal-orientated.
  9. Mentor.
  10. Work with integrity.
  11. Develop others.
  12. Care about others.
  13. Discipline themselves.
  14. Have fun.
  15. Willing to sacrifice.
  16. Speak boldly.
  17. Willing to get their hands dirty.
  18. Act humbly.
  19. Think often.
  20. Are awesome!

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