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Friday, October 06, 2006

Barriers to Successful Execution

Why is it that less than 10% of companies are able to successfully execute their strategy?

The barriers to execution for small companies include:

  • Expertise. Areas of expertise in addressing the challenge of execution are rooted in performance management, business intelligence, knowledge management, process improvement and measurement.
  • Cost. Investments in the above areas of expertise, and the ability to optimize it -- and deliver it for small businesses - has not been made.
  • Human Factors. This includes lack of accountability, insufficient support from leadership internally.

The root problem is, most small businesses lack the expertise, resources or understanding for how to tie their strategic goals to the day-to-day activities of their people.

The solution?

What is needed is a complete, strategy-driven execution program for small businesses.

Six Disciplines removes the barriers that prevent organizations from effectively executing their strategy, while creating a new culture of effective work habits and focused business processes.

BOTTOMLINE: Unlike other business improvement attempts like seminars, consultants or quick fixes, Six Disciplines make these new habits “stick” by providing practical integrated tools to align individual performance, and on-going coaching to ensure organizational progress and accountability.

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