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Friday, October 06, 2006

Strategy-Driven Execution and GTD

Research shows that most businesses fail, not because of poor strategy, but because of poor execution of strategy.

Execution means getting things done. But strategy-driven execution means getting the right things done.

Therein lies the big difference.

Among other things, a company's strategy describes how a company is going to survive and thrive over the long-run.

Strategy-driven execution is all about the careful alignment of limited resources to the organization's strategy -- and to nothing else.

What is NOT needed is a system focused just on "getting things done."

What IS needed is a complete program for strategy-driven execution.

A single program focused on execution, driven by an organization’s strategy and optimized for small business has not been available – until now.

BOTTOMLINE: Six Disciplines™ is the first complete strategy-driven execution program optimized for small businesses. It’s a systematic program for establishing six basic business disciplines related to strategy, planning, organization (of people, processes and technologies), execution (connecting every employee’s daily actions), along with measurement and continual organizational learning.

Six Disciplines removes the barriers that prevent organizations from effectively executing their strategy, while creating a new culture of effective work habits and focused business processes.

Unlike other business improvement attempts like seminars, consultants or quick fixes, Six Disciplines make these new habits “stick” by providing practical integrated tools to align individual performance, and on-going coaching to ensure organizational progress and accountability.

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