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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Changing Organizational Behavior

Pick any business improvement method.

One thing they all attempt to do is change organizational behavior -- or at least -- change the individual behavior of executives and/or team members within the company.

Marshall Goldsmith offers his take on "Changing Company Behavior One Individual at a Time."

"The easy part is that successful people believe they can change their behavior - that is, that they can reach a goal. The hard part is that they have had so much positive reinforcement for their past behavior that it is difficult for them to let go of what they perceive has led to this success."

BOTTOMLINE: Organizational change comes as a result of individuals changing behaviors, replacing old (negative) habits with new (positive) habits. It's a long-term organizational learning process that happens over time. It's a human nature struggle than can be achieved with a complete program of consistent business improvement methods, practical integrated tools, and and outside advisor coach to keep you on track. Which is why Six Disciplines works for small businesses.

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