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Friday, October 06, 2006

Creating A Learning Organization

A goal of every small business CEO should be to have their organization become a "learning organization" - one that can learn, lead and last. In effect, it is for the CEO to also take on the role of a CLO (Chief Learning Officer).

Here's a list of 20 things to keep in mind as you build your learning organization:

  1. Create a Vision and Mission for Training
  2. Align Your Endeavors With the Strategic Imperatives of the Organization
  3. Create a Strong Alliance of Internal Customers
  4. Don’t Expect the HR Director to Plan Your Career
  5. Learn More About the Operations Aspect of Your Organization
  6. Read, Read, Read
  7. Create a Learning Library for Your Organization or Business Unit
  8. Recognize and Benchmark Best Practices in Training
  9. Expand Your Knowledge Base
  10. Create a Learning Execution Strategy
  11. Keep a Notebook of Special Ideas and Projects
  12. Use Every Communication Tool Available to Reinforce Training’s Value and Contribution
  13. Establish and Differentiate the Function and Purpose of Training
  14. Join and Become Active in Professional Organizations
  15. Continually Improve Your Public Speaking Skills
  16. Create a 30-, 60-, 90-Day Plan
  17. Find a Mentor
  18. Look and Act the Part Now
  19. Pay Attention to Details
  20. Stay Focused

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