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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Warning Signs of Weak Strategy Execution

You sense something is not working right in your organization, but you can't quite put your finger on it.

Here are some "warning signs" of an organization that is not "strategy-driven"

  • Not sure you understand - fully - the meaning and implication of working ON your business - not just IN it
  • You have no clear, defined process or method for working ON your business
  • Your target customer is not clearly defined
  • Your brand (your promise to your customer) is not clearly defined
  • Team members within your organization don't "get" your strategy
  • Perhaps, you're not even sure YOU "get" your strategy?
  • Goals communication - and interdependencies -- are infrequent or inadequate
  • People, systems, processes, policies and resources - are not aligned with your strategy
  • Creative energy - and the ability to innovate purposefully - is low
  • Reward systems are mis-aligned with your organization's goals

BOTTOMLINE: If you could relate with more than several of these...all is not lost. Consider spending a few minutes reading Six Disciplines for Excellence.

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