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Monday, October 16, 2006

How to be More Productive: A Burning Desire

Michael Pollock at Small Business Branding hit a nerve when talking about productivity:

One reader offers:

"I think it boils down to one's goals and the desire to achieve them. I think that time management should be the tactics that support the strategy and ultimately the goal. I think that for most of us, the lack of a burning desire is what holds us back."

Pollock offers:

"My guess is you probably don't need a burning desire to be productive. But what is life without burning desire, passion, higher purpose and all that stuff? Maybe productivity should be just the means rather than the end. Perhaps it should be the means by which we live out our passions and fulfill our desires, whatever they may be."

And in quoting David Allen's Getting Things Done:

"When I habitually applied the tenets of this program it saved my life ... when I faithfully applied them, it changed my life.

BOTTOMLINE: What does it take to achieve lasting excellence - in ANY aspect of your life? A systematic methodology, practical technologies, local coaching to keep you on track, and the passion or burning desire to make it work. Anything less, and it falls apart, like a house of cards.

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