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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hiring Right: Using Behavioral Assessments

Good research summary by Management-Issues on an often-overlooked aspect of hiring: how to find the engaged and motivated applicant during the interviewing process.

Some facts:

  • Engaged team members are proactive and have pride and ownership in their job, disengaged team members take less initiative and offer a significantly lower contribution than their engaged counterparts.
  • Disengaged team members' reduced commitment to the job and the organization will lead to faster turnover - which means increased hiring costs for the company and a reduction in productivity.

HR consultants Development Dimensions International (DDI) conducted research that revealed the interview process tends to place a high priority on exploring candidate's experience and skills -- while overlooking their motivation.

BOTTOMLINE: Six Disciplines Leadership Centers have their Clients use behavioral assessments during the interview and screening process. These assessments not only reveal experience and skills, but also help to identify areas of alignment to the position and their behavioral characteristics -- increasing the likelihood of finding and selecting the RIGHT team members.

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