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Friday, October 13, 2006

Creating A High Performance Organization

In this Chief Executive article "Realizing the High Performance Enterprise," they talk about "success that endures for decades rather than years is indicative of a deeply instilled and carefully refined mix of competencies and skills that allows an organization to unleash its full potential."

That there is no silver bullet to sustainable success won’t come as a news flash to CEOs - of large or small businesses.

After a three-year study of data from hundreds of companies, the consulting firm Accenture dubbed this predisposition “competitive essence,” a quality exhibited by the one company out of 10 that outperforms its competitors for a decade or more.

According to Accenture: "competitive essence has three components: market focus and positioning, distinctive capabilities, and performance anatomy. Each is important, but even more important is that they’re kept in balance, aligned with one another, and constantly renewed.”

Read more about competitive essence and creating a high performance organization here.

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