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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Six Disciplines - What Makes It Work?

The reasons why most businesses fail is not strategy - it's execution.

"Knowing what to do isn't the problem - doing it is!"

Six Disciplines is the first sustainable program for strategy-driven execution.

How was Six Disciplines designed? (Taken from Six Disciplines for Excellence - page 55)

  1. Those in the business know it best. The Six Disciplines Methodology is optimized to draw priorities and decisions out of the team members in the business; it does not suggest what their priorities should be.
  2. A commitment to discipline exists within the organization. Leadership needs to be willing to take an orderly apprach to learning how to plan and execute better.
  3. People trust each other. Team members must be wulling to work through conflict and challenges with openness and honesty.
  4. People are born to innovate. Innovation is just another name for problem-solving, and every team member has the innate ability - and desire - to solve problems.
  5. Principles of excellence transcend type of business. Even though product and service businesses are very different, they're still made up of - people. Setting priorities, and helping people learn to innovate and meet those priorities - involves basic "business-building" disciplines that can be applied to all types of businesses.

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